Modernization of diesel park of railways

Our company since 2001 actively delivers on export of production of JSC " Kolomna factory ", providing the program of modernization of diesel park of railways of the CIS, Baltic, Asia and the East Europe.

For today JSC " Kolomna factory " is one of leading enterprises of transport and power mechanical engineering of Russia, being the versatile modern enterprise which is letting out diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, power stations, diesel engines and a diesel engine-generators, spare parts to them.

The enterprise is based in 1863, average number of workers - 11 ' 000 person, volume of let out production in 2004 - 242 diesel engine-generators, 34 diesel locomotives, in 2005 - 348 diesel engine-generators, 52 diesel locomotives, a mid-annual turn in 2001-2003 has made more than 57 million Euro (the forecast for 2004 - 80 million Euro, for 2005 - 92 million Euro).

From the beginning of 90th years and to this day railways of the CIS countries, Baltics, Asia and the East Europe are in many respects similar under the characteristics, safety requirements, standards, and also have similar problems, connected with a traction rolling stock as in days of Soviet Union they have been integrated into uniform transport system.

For the same reasons railways are essentially unified by kinds of diesel locomotives.

In connection with an overabundance before made diesel locomotives, owners of railways in 90th years did not have a necessity for purchase new and updating of old diesel locomotives, but by the present moment the majority of diesel locomotives on all postsoviet space has reached an extreme degree of the ageing and demands modernization and replacement a diesel engine-generating of installation with the purpose to prolong term of a life of diesel park for 18-20 years with the minimal expenses for this purpose, and also there was a necessity and purchases of new diesel locomotives.

By an expert estimation of experts in marketing, the potential volume of the market of modernization of diesel locomotives in the CIS countries, Baltics, Asia and the East Europe makes a minimum 60 diesel engine-generating of installations and the additional equipment to them in a year, that in a money's worth makes more than 18 million Euro a year.

The potential volume of purchase of new diesel locomotives makes a minimum 20 sections in a year, that in a money's worth more than 30 million Euro a year. JSC " Kolomna factory " is the traditional manufacturer and the supplier of diesel locomotives and a diesel engine-generators for diesel locomotives on railways of Russia, the CIS, Baltic, Asia and the East Europe.

Now with use of the Kolomna equipment and technology it is modernized already about 500 diesel locomotives and many railways would like to join the program of modernization of the park of diesel locomotives.

The basic advantage of modernization on technology of JSC " Kolomna factory " consist that production of JSC " Kolomna factory " is adapted in the greatest degree for the existing equipment of diesel locomotives that allows to spend modernization without replacement of that additional equipment which can 18-20 years are still successful work, that is the project turns out noticeably cheaper, than offers of foreign manufacturers to which should change practically all and also in that the new, modern Kolomna equipment corresponds to all existing standards, requirements, specifications, bases of repair and service on the postsoviet space.

Experience of modernization on the Russian railways proves its full recoupment within the limits of 5 years. Thus, production of the Kolomna factory has conclusive price and branch advantage connected with type of maintained diesel locomotives.

n cases of self-financing of projects of modernization or purchase of new diesel locomotives by railways the preference, as a rule, is given to the traditional manufacturer, i.e. besides to the Kolomna factory that technologically more corresponds to already existing park, to its repair equipment, and also essentially is cheaper than the western analogues.

In conformity with all above-stated Kolomna Energy Service Ltd and JSC "Kolomna factory " are interested in development of mutually advantageous cooperation with potential buyers - the state railways, and is ready to give the consolidated technical-financial offers for these railways on modernization of diesel locomotives with installation of the equipment of manufacture of JSC " Kolomna factory ", and also on purchase of a new traction rolling stock.