Modernization of diesel locomotive fleet of railways

Since 2001, our company has been actively engaged in export deliveries of PJSC Kolomensky Zavod products ensuring the implementation of the program of modernization of the diesel locomotive fleet of railways in Eastern Europe and Asia. PJSC Kolomensky Zavod is today one of the leading transport and power engineering enterprises of Russia, a diversified modern producer of diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, power plants, diesel engines, diesel generators, and spare parts for them. Since the early 1990s to present, railways of the CIS, Eastern Europe and Asia are largely similar in terms of their characteristics, safety requirements, standards, and also have similar problems related to traction rolling stock since during the time of the Soviet Union and CMEA they were integrated into a single transport system. For the same reasons, railways are substantially unified by types of diesel locomotives.

Due to the excess of diesel locomotives made earlier, in the 1990s, the owners of railways had no need to purchase new and upgrade obsolete diesel locomotives; however, at the present time, these diesel locomotives are mostly extremely outdated and require the modernization and replacement of diesel generator units in order to extend the service life of the diesel locomotive fleet for another 18-20 years at minimum cost. PJSC Kolomensky Zavod is a traditional manufacturer and supplier of diesel locomotives and diesel generators for diesel locomotives. For now, more than 600 diesel locomotives have been upgraded using Kolomensky equipment and technology, and many railways would like to join the program of modernization of their diesel locomotive fleet. The main advantage of modernization according to the technology of PJSC Kolomensky Zavod is that its products are most adapted to existing diesel locomotive equipment, thus allowing to upgrade it without replacing additional equipment that can still effectively operate for 18-20 years, meaning that the project is much more cost-effective compared to proposals of foreign manufacturers who have to replace almost everything, and that new, modern Kolomensky equipment meets all the existing and common repair and maintenance standards, requirements, regulations, and principles. The experience of modernization at Russian railways proves its full payback within 5 years. Thus, PJSC Kolomensky Zavod products have an unmatched advantage in the industry in terms of cost and the type of diesel locomotives in operation.

Supply of machinery, machining centers and other equipment for metal working

We supply high-quality metal-working equipment to our customers from Asian and European producers. We offer ready-made high-tech solutions, tools, measuring equipment, and commissioning works. We provide consulting services and project management services to our customers, train customer personnel, and perform installation and service and maintenance of delivered equipment.

Engineering services provided in foundry production

The engineering department of our company has practical experience in implementing modern developments in the area of high-tech foundry production and managing customized foundry production processes at industrial automobile and railway enterprises updating their production base or creating new production capacities.

We can offer the whole range of services to our customers from development of design documentation to turnkey, comprehensive solutions for automation of foundry processes that allow to significantly reduce cost, improve quality and shorten the product release time on the basis of proven and well-accepted solutions and products.

The list of services provided to our customers:

For newly created foundry shops:

  • elaboration and preparation of foundry production specifications together with the customer;
  • analysis of the range of foundry goods and development of processes for their production;
  • development of pre-project proposals and feasibility study of created production;
  • development of the detail project of created production;
  • delivery and commissioning of foundry equipment;
  • training of customer personnel;
  • start of foundry production;
  • elaboration of production technology to the optimal scrap level.

For foundry production under reconstruction:

  • analysis of existing foundry production and development of proposals for its reconstruction, including:
  • improvement or replacement of foundry technology for a specific range of foundry goods;
  • modernization or replacement of foundry equipment;
  • use of modern foundry materials;
  • development of pre-project proposals and feasibility study for reconstruction of foundry production;
  • delivery and commissioning of foundry equipment;
  • field supervision of the commissioning of reconstructed production.